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Collaborate. Create.

Sumi provides an effective and powerful way to communicate in Web3

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

With the Right Communication tools, Privacy, Reliability and Collaboration Improve

Sumi Notes

decentralized wallet to wallet communication

Notes is a meta protocol that coordinates data transmission. The data can be transmitted off-chain, over multiple protocols, initially supporting IPFS.


The protocol enables sending a Note to a wallet public address (the receiver) using a Substrate based blockchain system


Unique Features

The Substrate framework allows Sumi to enable some unique features not available in any other blockchain based communications protocol.

Use with Substrate, ETH and BTC

Launching with full support for use of Ethereum, Bitcoin and Substrate based wallet addresses.

All-In-One Solution

Fee-less transactions, wallet white listing, note bidding, address book, NFT profile images and more

NFT Community Messaging

NFT gated communications to simplify collaboration and messaging inside your very own NFT community.

Smart Spam Filtration

A wallet can set several parameters to ensure only the right messages make it through. 

Parachain Teams Integrating Sumi

These Polkadot ecosystem teams are looking to integrate Sumi to improve their customer service process, communicate with their users, improve community interactions among other uses.

Coming Soon....

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