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An Efficient and Easy Transition

Integrate Sumi Storage into your current stack effortlessly. In minutes, unlock the power of globally decentralized storage without disturbing your current setup. Our solution includes:

  • 1-line code switch for seamless transition for existing AWS S3 users

  • Developer-friendly tooling

  • Comprehensive SDKs and references

  • Prompt and reliable customer support

Our Advanced Architecture 

While Sumi Storage v1 focuses on S3 compatibility and easy transition, our Version 2 architecture is where we redefine what a storage protocol can do. We are currently developing this next iteration with advanced features and optimizations that further enhance performance, scalability, and security. V2 will revolutionize storage protocols, marking a departure from S3 alignment and setting a new standard for decentralized storage.

Harness the Power of Web3 with Sumi

Web3 brings efficiency and user control to internet architecture. With an investment from Dr. Gavin Wood, who coined the term web3, we provide an enterprise-grade decentralized solution. Experience the potency of web3 with Sumi Storage, devoid of the usual complexities of tokens or wallets. Sumi stands for a safer internet that is resilient to data blackouts and censorship.

Sumi SILK: Your Gateway to Vector Database Optimization

Sumi SILK (Storage Integrated Learning Knowledgebase) is a premier service for converting your data into efficient vector database files. Unlock faster searches, optimize analytics, and streamline data management. With Sumi SILK, you can transform the way you manage and interact with your data, fueling unprecedented growth for your business.

Irvin Cardenas

"Sumi revolutionizes gaming by providing parallel storage alongside enterprise nodes. This allows seamless gameplay and unique control over in-game assets, right from the gamer's own node. It's a whole new level of gaming experience."

Carlos Uranga 

"In the genomics field, both cost and data availability are paramount. With Sumi Storage, we've found a solution that addresses both. The persistent data availability and cost-efficiency Sumi provides has empowered us to push our research forward without hurdles. It's a significant upgrade from our previous storage solutions."

Dan Kenney, KASL
Office of Naval Research

"With Sumi, data accessibility in remote areas like the Marshall Islands is no longer a challenge. Sumi's off-grid nodes relay critical data, ensuring our partners at Columbia, UC Santa Cruz, and Berkeley are always connected. Sumi is truly a game-changer."
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